jeudi 25 avril 2013

Raring to go. From the desktop to the cloud, Ubuntu 13.04 is ready to deploy.

Raring to go. From the desktop to the cloud,  Ubuntu 13.04 is ready to deploy.
Disponible en bêta depuis le début du mois, la prochaine édition d'Ubuntu, baptisée Raring Ringtail, est disponible au téléchargement en version finale. Celle-ci apporte plusieurs nouveautés principalement portées sur l'interface Unity.
Ubuntu 13.04 disponible en version stable et en téléchargement à l'adresse

First the bad news: most of the big new features planned for Ubuntu 13.04, or Raring Ringtail, haven’t made it – they’ve been pushed back to 13.10, due in October. Despite this, the Ringtail is actually rather good.
Assuming you're a fan of the Unity interface and got past the privacy fiasco of last year - either because you’ve become comfortable with Canonical sending your desktop search queries to Amazon and others or have simply disabled the feature - Ubuntu 13.04 packs a number of new features, big and small, that make it well worth the upgrade.